Email Extractor Version 7.x - Whats New

The 7.x version adds new types of search and have improved search engine scan modes.

New features:

  1. Social Networks Search mode.
  2. Website Search mode via Search Engines.

3. Directory Search

Special mode for scanning web directories that does not have email address but have link to company websites. Software will scan company websites for emails with specified depth..


4. Website Manual Mode

5. Improved

Search Scan depth:

Min: for more accurate results

Max: For maximum number of results  

6. Improved search engines

  1. Optimized Google search
  2. Improved Bing search
  3. Improved Yahoo search
  4. Improved Aol search  

7. Search Service

Works like search engine and allows to find more emails, now have 2 mode of accuracy

8. Also

  1. Detecting Website Country
  2. Support for large data sizes
  3. Reducing the amount of memory for very large searches

9. Additinal Settings

10. Search History






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