I've extracted e-mail addresses from the Web using Email Extractor. Should I check them for validity?

We strongly recommend to all our customers to check email addresses found on the Web.  You may remove bad email addresses using email verifier.

What is the difference between the free and registered versions?

Free version doesn’t allow to save email addresses.

I've lost my registration key.

If you've lost your registration key, send an email with your inquiry and you Name, Email (specified in order) and Order number.

I haven't received the key.

All payment operations are processed by Payment Processor. The process may take from 20 minutes up to several hours. If you didn’t receive the key within 2-3 hours, please contact payment processor directly or contact us.

The software doesn't accept registration key.

Make sure the Internet is connected. Temporary turn off anti-virus or firewall software or add software to exclusion list. Otherwise, contact support.

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