Extract Email Addresses from Email Accounts


Using Email Extractor you can extract email addresses from your POP3 and IMAP accounts.

You should just configure account credentials in the program. You can create several accounts and the program will scan all of them.

To add an account to the program click the Accounts button in the "Email Accounts" page. You will see the next window:

  • Server name - your POP3 server name
  • Port - usually it equals 110 for POP3 server
  • SSL/TLS - check this option if your email account requires secure connection
  • User name - your login name for the POP3 server
  • Password - your password for the POP3 server
  • Select Folders (IMAP only) - select folders for search
  • Folder - This mode is to search in files containing email messages in MIME format.To start search select folder containing emails.
  • Outlook - This mode is to search in Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook should be installed at your PC.

After you've configured the account(s) you can start search. Just click the Start Search button and the program will extract all email addresses from selected account (and folders for IMAP).

Extract Email Addresses from Email Accounts


I am not able to login my Gmail, Yahoo and Aol on the email account section of the pop/imap.

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