Extract Email Addresses from a Website


Use this option if you have already a website where you want to extract emails from.

Just enter any URL and press the Start Search button. Email Extractor will scan that URL.


  • Only this domain - The program will analyse only the pages which are hosted on the same server then the starting one.

  • Only subfolders - The program will find all emails related to folders at the level of specified site.

  • Scan depth - Specify number of pages, defining how "deep" you wish to spider websites.
    There are scan depth levels beginning from 1. The first level means that the program will search the main page.
    If you set the second level, Email Extractor will search all pages linked from the main page and so on.

Save the results

To save the results, click the Save button. The wizard dialog will open.

Select columns which should be imported. You can select only the Email columns to import only emails. Click the button Next

Specify a file in the Save File dialog and the program immideatelly will save the search results.

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