Extract Email Addresses from Websites


Use this option if you know a website where you want to extract emails from.

Click to Start Search button, after enter start URL or list of URLs, select options and start search. Email Extractor will scan that website.

Extract Email Addresses from a Website

Website Options

  • Scan depth - Specify number of pages, defining how "deep" you wish to spider websites. You have to specify the program how many link levels to follow. Setting it to 1 will search the home page only. A setting of 2 will search all the pages linked to the first one. And so on.
  • Only this domain  - The program will only scan the links of the websites, it has received from the search engines.
  • Only subfolders - The program will scan pages from the specified folder only, like http://domain.com/folder/page.html, http://domain.com/folder/page2.html, http://domain.com/folder/folder2/page3.html
  • Improved Page Loading - Enable if you are crawling several important web sites. Disable for large searches on a large number of web sites (will speed up the search)
  • Human emulation  - Extractor will load pages into the built-in browser and emulate human actions.Please note that when using this option, the application will scan more slowly.
  • Threads - The number of simultaneously loaded and processed webpages.If larger the value of threads, than more computer memory extractor uses.We recommend no more than 50 threads.
  • Extract (email, phone, skype) - Choose what you want to extract from search engines.

Advanced options

  • Website scan  - Here you can limit the number of web pages or emails to search in the websites.
  • Process file type  - Can select type of files, which extractor download and process while searching web directories.

Login and search form

In the case when you need to search emails on forums, social networks and sites that require authorization, you can use Login and Search form.Enter the site URL, log in, select the initial search webpage and after the loading website click Start search.

Scan directory website

If you want to extract emails from a directory site, use the Directory Scan feature. Enter the url of the directory website, specify the scan depth for the directory site in the Options, then the scan depth for the sites that will be found in the directory (Company website scan depth). After select required options and click to Start Search.

If you see a pattern in the directory link structure, you can generate links for that site. For example directory link www.directorysite.com?companyid=102, you can find first link of webdirectory  www.directorysite.com?companyid=100, and last link - www.directorysite.com?companyid=805,  In Generate Link form need input:

Manual Mode

Collect emails in Manual Mode using the built-in web browser if you can't extract emails from the websites in usual or human emulation mode. Open website in built-in web browser and surf the site. All found emails will be saved in the table and at the end of the search click on the Save emails button.

Extract of Urls list

If you have a list of urls of webpages with emails, can copy it into the Websites field and set in Options - Scan Depth = 1.


Save the results

To save the results, click the Save button. The wizard dialog will open.

Select columns which should be saved. You can select only Email column to save only emails. Click the button Next.

Specify file name in the "Save File" dialog and the program will save the search results.


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