Extract Email Addresses from a Website


Use this option if you know a website where you want to extract emails from.

Just enter start URL and press the Start Search button. Email Extractor will scan that website.


  • Only this domain - The program will scan pages from same domain only, like http://domain.com/page.html, http://domain.com/folder/page2.html

  • Only subfolders - The program will scan pages from the specified folder only, like http://domain.com/folder/page.html, http://domain.com/folder/page2.html, http://domain.com/folder/folder2/page3.html

  • Scan depth - Specify number of pages, defining how "deep" you wish to scan website.
    Scan depth levels starts from 1. The first level means that the program will search the specified Url.
    If you set the 2 level, Email Extractor will search all pages linked from the main page and so on.

Save the results

To save the results, click the Save button. The wizard dialog will open.

Select columns which should be saved. You can select only Email column to save only emails. Click the button Next.

Specify file name in the "Save File" dialog and the program will save the search results.

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