To open the Settings select "Settings" Tab.

General Tab

Extract   - Specify data you want to extract: Email, Phone, Skype, Custom item, by default only email is selected.

Parse settings - In this section you can select phone and email search options.

Search Regular Expression - You can change regular expressions used to search for emails, phones, skype or specify it for custom item.

Parse settings: Phone - In the case of searching for phones, you can choose to search by country, by regular expression or by mask.

Advanced User Mode - Enable advanced mode with all search options and settings. Disabled by default for new users.

Phone Parsing - You can select any mask to search for phones, using any characters that are used in the phone number. The sign # means any number.

Filters Emails

Exclude filters.

Here you may define rules in order to ignore some found e-mail addresses. For example, you may not add the addresses from .gov, .edu and etc. domains.
Also, you may block addresses from some users, i.e. containing a string with the users name

Include filters.

If you want to find emails with only certain domains (for example, and, then you need to enter these domains in the Include only emails with domains field.

Include Only Emails with domain filter has priority under other filters!


Exclude Urls Tab

Tell the program not to look for emails from specified websites or URLs.


Replace Tab

Allows to parse web pages where dots and @ symbol are changed to other symbols or words.



  • Mode - For an accurate search, select the Max accuracy mode
  • Depth - Number of webpages requested from search engines.
  • Scan found website - The program will parse only the found website.
  • Get URLs only - You will only get the url webpages (links), the webpages will not be downloaded and processed.


  • Only this domain  - The program will only scan the links of the websites, it has received from the search engines.
  • Improved Page Loading - Enable if you are crawling several important web sites. Disable for large searches on a large number of web sites (will speed up the search)
  • Human emulation  - Extractor will load pages into the built-in browser and emulate human actions.Please note that when using this option, the application will scan more slowly.
  • Threads - The number of simultaneously loaded and processed webpages.If larger the value of threads, than more computer memory extractor uses.We recommend no more than 50 threads.
  • Scan depth - Specify number of pages, defining how "deep" you wish to spider websites.
    You have to specify the program how many link levels to follow. Setting it to 1 will search the home page only.
    A setting of 2 will search all the pages linked to the first one. And so on.
  • Scan maximum pages per website - Select this option if you want to ысфт the exact number of pages on the site.
  • Skip website if no items found on pages - You can specify the maximum number of pages to be scan, to skip this site if the extractor does not find items on those pages.
  • Website scan  - Here you can limit the number of web pages or emails to search in the websites.
  • Process file type  - Can select type of files, which extractor download and process while searching web directories.

Advanced Tab

Max web page size - pages with larger size will be ignored

Max local file size - files with larger size will be ignored. If you have large files increase this value.

Parsing Timeout - timeout for closing not responding tasks


Proxy Tab

Only HTTP proxies can enter this list, not socks or https.

Only http proxy can input in this table, not socks or https.


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