Extract Email Addresses using Search Engines


Use this option if you want to find emails from people who have some specific relation to the entered keyword(s).

Enter required keywords and click the Start Search button.

The program will find the most relevant sites matching the keywords through selected search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Once the websites are found, the software will extract email addresses from all of them.


  • Parse results - the number of results to parse that the search engine delivers (1000 is the maximum as most search engines will not deliver more than that).

  • Scan found website - The program will parse only the found website.

  • Scan found websites with depth - The program will parse the found website also for sub links.

  • Scan depth - Specify number of pages, defining how "deep" you wish to spider websites.
    You have to specify the program how many link levels to follow.
    Setting it to 1 will search the home page only.
    A setting of 2 will search all the pages linked to the first one. And so on.

The program counts automatically the number of found Urls, parsed Urls, and found emails.

Example of search:

Enter the keyword mortgage for search emails.

To get more precise results you can use Google tricks: Search for pages containing "email" that have "mortgage" in domain or page name:

email inurl:mortgage

Also, you can search specified website for emails:

email inurl:youtube.com


Select Search Engine

Click Search Engines to open the window where you may select which search engines should be used.

By default, the Google search engine is selected.

You may select as many search engines as you like. The email Extractor will use them to find the sites matching your search query.

Save the results

To save the results, click the Save button. The wizard dialog will open.

Select columns which will be exported. You can select only the Email column to import emails only. Click the Next button

Specify a file in the Save File dialog and the program will immediately save the results of search in it.

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