Extract Email Addresses using Search Engines


Use this option if you want to find emails from people who have some specific relation to the entered keyword(s).

Click the Start Search button and enter required keywords.

The program will find the most relevant sites matching the keywords through selected search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Once the websites are found, the software will extract email addresses from all of them.

Search Options


Here you can choose to search Global or by selected country.



  • Search depth - Number of webpages requested from search engines.
  • Scan found website - The program will parse only the found website.
  • Get URLs only - You will only get the url webpages (links), the webpages will not be downloaded and processed.
  • Scan depth - Specify number of pages, defining how "deep" you wish to spider websites.
    You have to specify the program how many link levels to follow. Setting it to 1 will search the home page only.
    A setting of 2 will search all the pages linked to the first one. And so on.
  • Extract (email, phone, skype) - Choose what you want to extract from search engines.


  • Only this domain  - The program will only scan the links of the websites, it has received from the search engines.
  • Improved Page Loading - Enable if you are crawling several important web sites. Disable for large searches on a large number of web sites (will speed up the search)
  • Human emulation  - Extractor will load pages into the built-in browser and emulate human actions.Please note that when using this option, the application will scan more slowly.
  • Threads - The number of simultaneously loaded and processed webpages.If larger the value of threads, than more computer memory extractor uses.We recommend no more than 50 threads.
  • Website scan  - Here you can limit the number of web pages or emails to search in the websites.
  • Process file type  - Can select type of files, which extractor download and process while searching web directories.

Search engines

The default search engines are google, yahoo and bing for the selected country.You can also manually select from the list those search engines that you need for this search.

This option will appear if you select Advanced user mode in the Settings - Global.

The program counts automatically the number of found, processed, excluded and error Urls, found and excluded emails.

Social Networks

The app can extract emails from facebook, twitter, instagram and telegram social networks. Enter a keyword, select a social network, location, business or personal emails and Start Search.

Search in website

The app can extract emails from websites via search engines by special requests. Enter a keyword, Website url, business or personal emails and Start Search.


Example of search:

Enter the keyword mortgage for search emails.

To get more precise results you can use Google tricks: Search for pages containing "email" that have "mortgage" in domain or page name:

email inurl:mortgage

Also, you can search specified website for emails:

email inurl:youtube.com

All search operators can find here.

Save the results

To save the results, click the Save button. The wizard dialog will open.

Select columns which will be exported. You can select only the Email column to import emails only. Click the Next button

Specify a file in the Save File dialog and the program will immediately save the results of search in it.

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