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Extract Email Addresses using Search engines

You can search large search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Just enter required keywords and you’ll get tons of results. The program will extract email addresses from the most relevant websites:


To get more precise results you can use Google tricks:

Search for pages containing "email" that have "mortgage" in domain or page name:

email inurl:mortgage

Also, you can search specified website for emails:


The program counts automatically the number of parsed URLs.


Extract Email Addresses from a Website

You can also search a specified URL. Just enter any URL press Start Search. Email extractor will scan that URL . You can scan the website in depth. There are scan depth levels beginning from 1. The first level means that the program will search the main page. If you set the second level, Email Extractor will search all pages linked from the main page and so on.


Extract Email Addresses from files

Email Extractor allows also searching email addresses on your computer. You can enter the path, or specify a file or folder. The output file will contain valid email addresses without duplicates.


Extract email addresses from Mac Mail Folder

macOS Mojave Instruction

 1. Launch macOS Mail application and configure an email account you want to extract email addresses from.

2. Open macOS Finder application.

3. From the main menu select “Go” item.

4. Choose “Go to Folder…” menu item.

5. Type in “~/Library/Mail/V(x)", where x is the version of Mail you have. For example V5 - is for macOS High Sierra; V6 - macOS Mojave. Click the Go button.

6. The path will indicate the location of the Mac Mail mailbox.

7. Specify the full path of the folder on the Mac Mail tab page in the Email Extractor software.
Extract Email Addresses from Mac Mail ( macOS Mojave ) instruction


Extract Email Addresses From Outlook


Save emails and other data to text file

For example, you have just extracted emails from the website. Click the Save Emails button on main toolbar. You will see the next window:

Select fields you want to save and click the Next button. After that you will see the "Save As" dialog window:

You may select an existing file that will be replaced or create a new file with txt, lst, csv extension, then click Save. The export will begin.

After exporting of data will be completed, you can click the View results button to open the file with saving data.





Click "Register" button on main form

Copy and Paste your Registration key and click "Ok".



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