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Soon after you’ve collected sufficient amount of emails with Email Extractor, you have to verify them for validity. The thing is that currently Internet is flooded with invalid emails that no longer exist or have bad syntax.  Email Extractor automatically excludes duplicates when scans a website, URL, or a local file; however it doesn’t filter emails as “bad” and “good”.  Special email verifiers are designed to identify and remove invalid email addresses. To keep your email lists clean is very important, if you want to exclude being blocked by ISP or being blacklisted by mail servers after you start your email marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for reliable email verification software, we would be glad to recommend you Email Verifier.  The program has user-friendly interface, is fast, and provides accurate results.  The accuracy is guaranteed by three validation levels. These are: email domain availability, syntax check, and mail server check for availability of email address.  

Analyze the verification process with detailed reports. During verification, Email Verifier provides each contact with its unique status. Filtering emails according the statuses, you’ll be able to divide good and bad emails, preparing them for future mass mailing campaigns.

Speaking about the core features of email verifier software, it is necessary to mention:


Accurate results of verification are crucial when you decide to start your mass mailing. High rate of bounces doesn’t add you the points. You just lose your time.

Powerful contact list management.

Prompt and detailed reports will help you to sort your list according the results of verification.  You’ll see if an email is invalid due to its syntax, or it’s just a temporary session rejection. In last case, you’ll have just to verify the email once again after a while.

Easy and flexible Import/Export features

We recommend you to use software that allows importing emails from a wide variety of sources, as well as save emails in different types of files or external databases. Time is valuable.

Backup and restore options

Working on more than one PC or facing sudden computer crash can require backup and restore functions. Losing verified data without possibility to restore it means losing your time and work in vain.

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